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The Whirlwind Journey To Here…

I’ve been interested in Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War for as long as I can remember. Well, since at least six years of age. That’s a long time, considering I turn 34 in a couple of weeks. I’ve been asked a few times, especially since I’m a Canadian, how I came to be OBSESSED with American’s 16th President and the Civil War.

So, I decided to make a video about it. It’s about 18 minutes long. I totally get if you just skim through it or don’t watch it. I also made it for myself because I wanted to start posting videos on here and I’m trying to become more comfortable with doing that. I have social anxiety…this is a HUGE thing for me to be able to do this.

So, a couple things…

  1. The video is very amateur. I didn’t edit it or anything. It’s the raw footage as I shot it yesterday in my basement with my iPad.
  2. I swear a little bit. Okay, sometimes more than a little bit. Just a warning. I start talking and my filter doesn’t always kick in.
  3. I ramble.
  4. I don’t look at the camera.
  5. I’m learning as I go. And it’s been a good experience so far.

So, here’s the video…how I became a history geek…

Oh, there’s a few things I mention in the video and I’ve posted the photos below, just so y’all have reference to them…


This is it. The book that started it all for me. I still have it, along with all the other books in the series, in the black hole that is my parent’s place.

The above photos are from my first visit to Gettysburg with my highschool when I was 16. It was an amazing experience.

Oh, and here’s the blog post I mention about when my husband and I went to DC. We got lost in Arlington National Cemetery. If you EVER go on a trip with me, DO NOT let me navigate UNLESS you want to get lost. If that’s the case, by all means, let me navigate. I was born with a broken GPS and I will get us lost.

Oh, and I give a shout out to a few people in my video. I’m taking it down to nerves (and really, I should have sat and made a list), but there are a few other people to mention that follow me on Twitter (and I follow them and immensely enjoy their tweets): Old News Co, Kimi, Roxi, Bob, Ethan, Mike, Abbie. And anyone else…I love y’all just as much! I hate leaving people out…

Oh, and I’d love to hear how y’all became interested into history, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, etc. I always love to hear how people become passionate about the things they love! Feel free to leave your story in the comments!

As always, thank you for reading (and if you watched the video, awesome!). I love and appreciate all of you.

Until next time…

Mary a.k.a Civil War Fangirl a.k.a Miss_Bellatrix


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7 thoughts on “The Whirlwind Journey To Here…

  1. I love it that you are blogging and doing videos! You are so great at it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • missbellatrix on said:

      Thank you!! I’m going to keep going with the videos. I’m actually beginning to quite enjoy it and it gives me another way to get information across to people.


  2. Fascinating blog and well done with the video. Interesting to hear how you got into the American Civil War! My introduction was through plastic soldiers as a kid! Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • missbellatrix on said:

      Thanks for reading & commenting! That’s very cool it was plastic soldiers that gave you an introduction to history. Is there a particular book that captured your attention too?


      • Difficult to remember specific books that far back, although I do remember having books of military uniforms as a kid which complemented the soldiers!
        We also used to visit historic houses/museums a lot as a family so we were immersed in history as well. The one book that really inspired me to start investigating the American Civil War in more detail as an adult came out 30 years ago. It is ‘Rally Once Again’ by Paddy Griffiths, which looks at battlefield tactics in the War. He had lectured me at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst when I was there and the book inspired me to examine the War in more detail.


  3. AlanTrock on said:

    I think one’s first book on a subject they become a devotee of is fascinating. For me it was Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie and War Years. Something in those first pages captured your curiosity to learn more. Got it at age 13 and 50 years later I’ve got over 100 books on Lincoln, often reading several over and over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • missbellatrix on said:

      Thanks for reading & commenting! That’s very cool it was Sandberg’s book that captured your attention. I actually got that one for Christmas and I love looking at it. What’s your favourite Lincoln bio?


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