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That Time We Went To Gettysburg…

About three years, my husband and I took a road trip down south. It was originally to visit friends in South Carolina but it ended up becoming a Civil War road trip of sorts. One of stops included Gettysburg. These are just a few of the many photos I took that day…

Of course we had to get pictures of each of us with Lincoln at the Visitor’s Center. Yes, I behaved myself whilst around the statue of my second favourite guy in the world…

Random photos of cannons, reenactors (I ogled them from afar. Yes, I have a thing for men in Civil War uniforms…)

I had to get photos of a few of the statues. I loved Lee’s but I think General Longstreet was one of my favourites…

Of course we stopped at Little Round Top (I have a massive crush on General Chamberlain). This was my favourite area. I think we spent an hour here. Jeremy’s favourite was Devil’s Den…

Finally, we went to where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address and to the Cemetery. We were the only ones there. It was so peaceful and to stand where one of my favourite speeches was given was amazing.

It was an amazing day. It was my third visit to Gettysburg and Jeremy’s first. We both want to go back very soon. It’s one of our favourite places.


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6 thoughts on “That Time We Went To Gettysburg…

  1. I’ve visited and guided on battlefields all over Europe and in the USA, but Gettysburg remains my favourite. Such a fantastic story and a well-preserved site. Back in June this year for another visit.

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    • missbellatrix on said:

      Thanks for reading & commenting! Gettysburg is an amazing place. I love my experience every time I go there. I’m hoping to get back there soon. I hope you have a great time when you go in June!

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      • Thanks. Going in June for the Civil War Trust’s Annual Conference so plenty of discussion with knowledgable historians. And tours with experts. Will be great!

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      • missbellatrix on said:

        You’re welcome! That sounds like it’ll be fun and very interesting! I plan on starting to go Civil War conferences. I’ve never been to any before but I know it’s something I would definitely enjoy and learn so much from.


  2. Do you have a Civil War Roundtable near you? We have one here in the UK and they are a great place to start meeting like-minded Civil War fanatics!


    • missbellatrix on said:

      That’s a great idea! I should look into it and see if there is one close to me. I know I’d enjoy that. I know there is a few people in my town who have an interest in the Civil War. Thanks for the suggestion! 😊

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